Heal your voice. Connect to your body. 

Online or in person 8 hours for 4 weeks.

Intention These sessions are designed to empower you to find freedom in your voice. Gain confidence professionally, in relationships and creatively. Having the ability to express yourself with clarity, state boundaries and connect with your voice therapeutically for yourself, family and friends. We will work deeply with your body connection, your throat chakra, opening your heart and softening the solar plexus. Aligning with your whole body, voice, feelings and needs. This is mental, emotional, spiritual and physical work. 

We will access your voice by warming up and connecting to your whole body. The body an instrument, your voice a string and using the flow of breath as a tool to unite. We will practice feeling the energy in the body, grounding through the feet and work with voice meditation. We will learn and practice the elements and chakra connections relating to your body. With dialogue we will explore where these blocks have come from, to enable you to move through learnt behaviours that are no longer serving you. We will work through a range of warm ups, tools and mantras to help you uncover your true voice in speech and song, and use the voice as a tool of self-healing and self-expression.

Below is a structure of the course. Before committing to the course, we can have a 15-20 minute consultation (via Zoom online) to share and discuss your needs, blocks and desires so this course is tailored for your connection with your voice. 


WEEK 1 (2 hours)

  • Using the whole body to sound/sing
  • Intentions
  • Humming
  • Body warm ups

WEEK 2 (2 hours)

  • Free movement
  • Vocal Exploration
  • Mantra + improvisation
  • Chakra Teachings
  • Voice techniques
  • Vocal care

WEEK 3 (2 hours)

  • Grounding movement & feet connection
  • Elements and voice 
  • Exploring truth
  • Articulating Feelings & needs
  • Introduction to NVC (Non violent Communication 

WEEK 4 (2 hours)

  • Practice learnings
  • Discussion: Inner Critic & Observations
  • Promises to your voice
  • Feedback/sharing

Dates: A chosen time to suit our schedules. Recommended: committing to the same time each week but not essential. Over 4 weeks, 2 hour sessions each week total = 8 hours

Location: ONLINE or at my home in Stockbridge, Edinburgh – spacious, quiet and clean. I have a friendly semi-long haired cat, let me know if you have an allergy and we can arrange a different space.

Investment = £400 introductory cost (until Spring 2022) £100 deposit to secure place, remaining to be paid one week before start date.

including empowerment, knowledge, sharings, practice, singing tools, body connection, warm-ups, sound healing, embodiment tools, personal development, worksheets, tea,  cacao + naturally sweet snacks.