1:1 Immersive Sound Therapy

‘Working with Charlie has been such a wonderful and nourishing experience. Through these sessions in sound, I have made massive progress in strengthening my boundaries and in strengthening my sense of self.’

I offer a Sound Healing treatments specific to your needs, using instruments, my voice and C & G Bio-sonic tuning forks to clear & balance your energy field. Working with the chakra system to restore and aid physical and emotional release. We’ll chat before to set an intention for what you would like to manifest, release or journey with. I am a qualified Sound healing Practitioner, certified by the College of Sound healing.

Sound healing and music therapy can have a powerful effect on the whole body and can lower anxiety and stress levels by calming the central nervous system, providing stimulus, vibration and joy which can boost your mood. Sound + intention can have huge benefits for your physical wellbeing and has been known to improve memory, reduce pain, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and improve sleep.

For treatments please prepare your environment so you are comfortable and won’t be disturbed for the hour. Preferably somewhere cosy with headphones or bluetooth speakers for the most immersive experience. This session will last 60 minutes and take place over the phone.

The experience and result is very restorative, deeply rejuvenating and participants have described the sessions as ‘Dreamlike’, ‘Peaceful’ and ‘Like going back to the womb.”


I work with an appreciation of everyone having different needs around money especially in these times. It’s important to me that this work is accessible for everyone and that needs around sustainability are acknowledged and that my energy and work is valued by donation. This option offers choice, autonomy and helps build trust and connection.

Sliding scale Donation 
£10 – £65 for 1-2-1 Sound Healing Online session (60 mins audio/no screens)

The following is for inspiration only. It’s not a prescription.

Pay £10 if you have very limited resources.

Pay £20 if you are on benefits or very low income and with no savings

Pay £30 if you are on benefits or low income with some savings

Pay £40 if you earn less than £20,000 before tax

Pay £50 if you earn between £20,000-£30,000 before tax

Pay £60 if you earn more than £30,000 before tax

Pay £65 abundant supporting rate. To support the work being available widely and to support me in all the work I do where I receive no or low income.

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Your sessions are sublime. My body is smiling.