Replenish – Holistic self development Session 

A 1:1 session as a route to connecting deeply with yourself. Working and drawing on Macrobiotics and Traditional Chinese Medicine healing system, movement and integral thinking. We will weave in simple approaches to your routine to have a positive outcome for your body and mind. We will take a deeper look at your lifestyle, emotional, dietary and behavioural patterns, questioning what is serving you and what is preventing you from sustaining overall physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

    • Boost your mood
    • Transform your relationship with food
    • Nurture your relationship with your body
    • Empower you to sustain overall wellbeing
    • Manage stress and stability

“The replenish consultation I had with Charlie was wonderful. She really understood me as a total person and how physical problems linked to my emotional journey and needs and then was able to make suggestions to implement in my lifestyle. She made me feel really at ease to talk about my issues and is very caring.   Flik March 2020

1:1 Sound healing 

A tailored sound massage, using instruments and voice. C & G Bio-sonic tuning forks are also used in this session to clear & balance your energy field along with shruti box and koshi. We’ll have a brief chat before to decide which treatment best suits your needs on the day.

    • Drone + Sa-Re-Ga for balancing chakras
    • Bija mantras – for balancing the elements within the body
    • Basic sound healing treatment – for working on the physical body 
    • Musical intervals with drone – for working on the emotional body

The experience and result is very restorative, deeply rejuvenating and participants have described the sessions as ‘Dreamlike’, ‘Peaceful’ and ‘Like going back to the womb.”

Please contact me for more information and booking. For all treatments please prepare your environment so you are comfortable and won’t be disturbed for the hour. Choose somewhere cosy and preferably with headphones or bluetooth speakers for the most immersive experience.