I am a qualified Sound healing Practitioner, certified by the College of Sound healing. I offer a 1:1 Sound Healing treatments in person or online. The sessions are specific to your needs using my voice, gong, tuning forks and other instruments. I hold group sound baths in person and online.

Charlotte Boyd - Sound Healing Practitioner, Edinburgh

‘Working with Charlie has been such a wonderful and nourishing experience. Through these sessions in sound, I have made massive progress in strengthening my boundaries and in strengthening my sense of self.’

Sound Therapy sessions are a non-invasive, fully clothed and deeply restorative treatment. I use a variety of techniques from Voice Therapy, Tuning Fork Therapy, Gong Bathing and Singing Bowls to create a calm yet energizing effect, along with percussive sounds to aid breaking up stagnation. After a brief consultation to discuss any physical, spiritual, emotional or mental health issues, we will together uncover your intention and needs for the session and I will deliver the correct treatment for you.

Sound therapy can have a powerful effect on the whole body and can lower anxiety and stress levels by calming the central nervous system. Sound therapy can provide stimulus, vibration and joy which can boost your mood. Sound + intention can offer huge benefits for your physical wellbeing.

My intention for these sessions is to help you find self compassion, self empathy, build boundaries, strengthen your heart connection, release stagnation, and ease discomfort. I can work with you online or in person, click on the link below for my online and clinic availability at Edinburgh Alexander Centre, my home in Stockbridge, Edinburgh or Online.

BENEFITS Sound healing can:  

  • Lower anxiety & stress levels  
  • Calm the central nervous system 
  • Help shift mental, spiritual, emotional & physical blocks
  • Boost your mood  
  • Improve memory  
  • Reduce pain  
  • Lower blood pressure & cholesterol  
  • Improve sleep 
  • Help find more flow in your life  
  • Regain clarity, confidence & direction 
  • Support & maintain mental wellbeing
The experience and result can be very restorative, deeply rejuvenating and participants have described the sessions as ‘Dreamlike’‘Peaceful’ and ‘Like going back to the womb.


Sound healing is safe and beneficial for most people. It is advised by the College of Sound Healing to not receive sound healing if you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, have steel rods in the body, a pacemaker or suffer from Tinnitus, Ménière’s disease or Epilepsy. Please ensure you make the best decision to keep yourself safe and be aware that you are solely responsible for your wellbeing. Participation in Firm Feet® Sound Bath is fully at the risk and choice of participants. It is each person’s responsibility to look after their physical, emotional and mental well being. Listen to your own body and take care of yourself. Participation in Firm Feet® Sound Bath means you fully understand that Sound Healing may bring emotions to the surface. You take full responsibility for your own physical, emotional and mental health during the session and afterwards.