‘Dreamlike and Peaceful. Like going back to the womb'

Sound therapy has many benefits for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Using sound therapeutically on and around the body can lower anxiety and stress levels, calm the central nervous system. Sound works on a cellular level and can help repair cognitive dysfunction. In every treatment, we will start with a chat to see how you are, assess your needs and choose the right treatment to support you.

Sound therapy can

  • provide stimulus, vibration and joy which can boost your mood.
  • improve memory and support sleep issues and insomnia.
  • reduce pain and ease discomfort
  • lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • find more flow in your life, regain clarity, confidence and direction
  • re-balance the chakra system

'Working with Charlie has been such a wonderful and nourishing experience.’

Sound Therapy Audio Membership Subscribe for £15 per month

Subscribe and access sound baths and other sprinklings of sound healing delights with the voice, tuning forks, singing bowls, percussion and gong. Unlimited use, plug in and play whenever you like from your own home. My intention for these sessions is to help you find self compassion, self empathy, build boundaries, strengthen your heart connection, release stagnation, and ease discomfort. 

More information and how to join here

Sound Therapy sessions are a non-invasive, fully clothed and deeply restorative treatment. I use a variety of techniques from Voice Therapy, Tuning Fork Therapy, the gong, percussion and singing bowls to create a calm yet energizing effect, and help break up emotional, mental or physical blocks. 

60 minutes In person/Online £60/£50 Book here

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Sound + Reiki Healing sessions are a combined therapy option. These sessions are non-invasive, fully clothed and deeply restorative treatment. I use hands-on and hands-off Reiki healing combined with Voice Therapy and Tuning Fork therapy for a gentle and restorative healing treatment. These sessions can re-balance the whole chakra system while easing discomfort. 

60 minutes £60 Book here

Parent & Baby Sound Exploration Sessions are deeply relaxing and at times can be interactive and playful. We will listen to the needs of you and your baby. With the intention to relax you both together on body cushions and a futon with blankets and get you grounded, cosy and comfortable. Depending on the age of your child, we might start with playing the instruments until they’re ready to receive. Generally at some point they will relax and let the sound wash over them. A lovely way for you both to connect. 0-2yrs old. 

60 minutes £60 Book here

ICONS Created by Kieu Thi Kim Cuong

I have made massive progress with strengthening my boundaries and my sense of self.'