Body Connection Session (Online) 1 hour

Body Connection sessions are a one to one process, to help identify areas in your life where you feel disconnected with yourself and your body. The aim is to build connection and find liberation in movement, stillness and dialogue. I use a variety of movement and meditation techniques to help you re-connect with yourself.

In dialogue, we will take a mindful approach to observe, connect and reflect on stuck patterns you may have in your relationship with your body. We will listen to your inner critic and find self compassion and kindness.

In movement and breathing, we will learn how to embody emotions, listen to our body and practice deep inner listening.

In Sound, we will re-set, re-align and settle anything that has come up in the session. There will be space to name our emotional experience and connect deeply with ourselves.


These sessions will take place on zoom. Bring yourself in totality, wear loose comfortable clothing and have a pen/pencil and notepad to hand if you like. Wear comfortable clothing, get your quiet space ready. Blankets, socks, headphones. Light a candle.

Sound healing can:

  • provide stimulus, vibration and joy which can boost your mood.
  • improve memory and support sleep issues and insomnia.
  • reduce pain and ease discomfort
  • lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • find more flow in your life, regain clarity, confidence and direction
  • re-balance the chakra system


Sound healing is safe and beneficial for most people. It is advised by the College of Sound Healing to not receive sound healing if you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, have steel rods in the body, a pacemaker or suffer from Tinnitus, Ménière’s disease or Epilepsy. You are responsible for your own wellbeing, please message me with any questions before booking.

After booking

Please make space for yourself after your sound healing session. Emotions may come to the surface and it’s best to not to rush into anything. I will ask you to sign a consent form on arrival and provide some more information about the effects of Sound Healing and aftercare.

Terms & Conditions

24 hour Cancellation policy. No refunds after 24 hours. When booking you agree to the Disclaimer & Consent form found here.

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