Online Softening Sound Bath (Abundant)

Monday 11th July 8pm

This ticket price is for those who can afford a standard ticket and would like to pay a little extra to support the work I do and those who need financial aid.

Charlotte Boyd//Firm Feet® uses her voice, gong, tuning forks, ocean drum and singing bowls to create an energizing yet calming effect. Charlotte will soften into your body with gentle breathing and body relaxation techniques. Do nothing but drop, rest and receive.


You will receive a zoom link when you book and I will send a reminder on the day. Please arrive a few minutes before the event starts, you don’t need to turn your camera on.

Please prepare your space so you are comfortable and warm. Have a light blanket and layers to hand. An eye mask or eye pillow is recommended

Your body temperature will drop during the sound bath. Have water nearby, light some candles and create a cosy environment.

You will probably need some quiet time after the session so please factor this in when planning your day. After a sound healing treatment the body can go through a period of integration. During this time your body will be moving to a more balanced state.

In the 2-3 days after your treatment be kind to yourself, drink plenty of water, take some gentle exercise and rest.


  • provide stimulus, vibration and joy which can boost your mood.
  • improve memory and support sleep issues and insomnia.
  • reduce pain and ease discomfort
  • lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • find more flow in your life, regain clarity, confidence and direction
  • re-balance the chakra system


Charlotte Boyd is a Vocalist, Movement Facilitator and qualified Sound Healing Practitioner. From 2012-2015, Charlotte trained professionally in Macrobiotic Healing Arts using the Five Transformation Theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2015, after training in EAD™ Movement Method, Charlotte created Firm Feet® with the aim to make movement and sound accessible for all and to encourage everyday mental wellbeing. In 2019, Charlotte qualified with the College of Sound Healing as a Sound Healing Practitioner with the voice. In 2021, Charlotte began and completed Reiki Practitioner training with Healing Hands in Edinburgh. Charlotte has taken her work to many mental health projects, campaigns and worked with people in recovery and therapeutically in London, Edinburgh and Europe. Charlotte offers 1:1 Sound Therapy sessions in Stockbridge, Edinburgh and online. Group Sound Baths take place online and at various venues in Edinburgh. Check here for availability.

Contact me with any questions or visit
instagram @firmfeet


Sound healing is safe and beneficial for most people. It is advised by the College of Sound Healing to not receive sound healing if you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, have steel rods in the body, a pacemaker or suffer from Tinnitus, Ménière’s disease or Epilepsy.

Please ensure you make the best decision to keep yourself safe and be aware that you are solely responsible for your wellbeing.

Participation in Firm Feet® Sound Bath is fully at the risk and choice of participants. It is each person’s responsibility to look after their physical, emotional and mental well being. Listen to your own body and take care of yourself.

Participation in Firm Feet® Sound Bath means I understand that Sound Healing may bring emotions to the surface. I take full responsibility for my own physical, emotional and mental health during the session and afterwards.