I offer one to one Holistic Nutrition sessions to explore and identify a deeper layer of your mind and body. Together we can create a personalised wellbeing practice and plan, looking at different aspects of your lifestyle and how we can harness the energy of food and your environment to invoke balance and freedom. Using my training, knowledge and experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotic Healing Arts, Five Element theory, Self compassion through Non Violent Communication and movement practices. I can help empower you to learn, grow and understand this ancient eastern philosophy. Together we can bring awareness to your whole being and to eat in balance with you and your natural surroundings. 

This radical approach offers you the ability to align your health with nature, raise your vibration, ground and to radiate fully in life. I can guide and support you with the aim to understand and listen to your body while nourishing yourself with food for the heart and soul. I can help you manage your overall health, therefore contributing to a better relationship and connection with your body and mind. Working with the physical, emotional and spiritual body we can work on supporting issues such as digestion, anxiety, stress, weight loss or gain, skin irritation, low mood and negative thought patterns or more specific problems.

1:1 Holistic Nutrition session 1 hour consultation + 1 week ongoing email support

  • Discuss your history and current emotional, physical and spiritual condition
  • Take a look at your current lifestyle and food choices (NO judgement)
  • Gain clarity on what your goals are
  • Make a simple plan to make some better choices for your body + mind
  • Receive a personalised consultation plan and email support one week after the session
  • Basic knowledge on the Meridian system and 5 transformations
  • Resources, recipes and advice
  • Movement stretches to harness your internal system
  • A gift of ONE free week of Dance in the dark membership
Sliding scale based on what you can afford £55/75/95 

Contact me for more information and to book online or in person