Hi, Im Charlotte Boyd. I created Firm Feet® to help others balance mental wellbeing through training in and sharing practices that have helped me gain balance and stability. From my very early years I had complex mental health issues that caused me to have complicated and unhealthy eating habits, a negative relationship with my body and disordered eating. When I reached my twenties I was experiencing regular migraines, no menstrual cycle and chronic health conditions. 

This was my wake up call and I began to enquire deeper. I experimented with alternative practices, herbal and plant medicines. I started to understand myself better with the learning of Macrobiotic healing arts: a blend of Taoist methodology, Traditional Chinese medicine healing system; living and eating in rhythm with your body. 

I trained and qualified as an EAD™ Movement Teacher with School of Ecstatic movement and explored movement , shamanic dance and sacred leadership. I became more in tune with myself and my environment. I started listening to my body, expressing myself more with music and dance.  My body became more balanced, my mind calmer and my physical issues began to shift, change and slowly disperse. I began a practice of deep listening, using music and sound therapy and weaving this into my ‘Dance in the dark’ movement meditation sessions that I started to facilitate in 2015. Later, I trained as a Voice Sound Healing Practitioner with the College of Sound Healing, using my voice as a tool for therapeutic use. I am always studying and evolving my practice, adding additional qualifications, instruments and learnings to my sound healing and movement practices. 

I have been invited to run my sessions and create body awareness courses at different mental health programmes such Time to change campaign, Hackney & City Recovery College, Oak & Willow Yoga Teacher training and NHS Trust. I’ve run events and hosted workshops at many venues and organisations around the Uk and Europe.

I’m a singer and songwriter and I am currently embarking on the exciting project of writing and recording my solo album and have recently released my first EP on Bandcamp.


  • Movement EAD™ teacher training at School of Ecstatic Movement
  • Macrobiotic Coach. Levels 1, 2 & 3 . Oriental diagnosis, Eastern philosophy, healing & cooking, the classical meridian system, coaching & counselling skills at International Macrobiotic School Devon & Instituto Macrobiotico Portugal
  • Do-in Exercise for Physical & Spiritual development at International Macrobiotic School Devon & Instituto Macrobiotico Portugal
  • Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training® with Petra Jean Phillipson/Sound & Space certified by the College of Sound Healing® 
  • Soundscape and Sound Bath Training with Ruby Larimar College of Sound Healing® 
  • Tuning Forks in Healing with Keith Oddy College of Sound Healing®
  • Authentic voice for wellbeing with Alexandra Rigazzi Tarling Sound Relaxation Centre
  • Non Violent Communication (N.V.C) Foundation + Intermediate Training at Made to Be
  • Dance Movement Psychotherapy at The Centre of Excellence CPD certified
  • Level 1 Certified Integral Sound Healing with Gongs – Sound Healing Academy 


Women’s Worth Workshops, Ireland. Breaking Convention Psychedelic Conference. Saha Roots Retreats, Portugal. Green Lens Studios. Centre17. Chat’s Palace. Jackson’s Lane. Sadhana Yoga Dalston. Paper Dress Yoga. Discobarre Studio. Lifespace, Notting Hill. The Curtain Member’s club, Shoreditch. Time to Change Campaign. Gnome House Community Arts. The Hall Community Centre, East Village. The Psychedlic Society. Hackney & City Recovery College. NHS trust. CREST Waltham Forest. The Eco Larder + Sunshine Yoga Edinburgh. Santosa, Edinburgh. Oak + Willow Yoga Teacher Training Programme.