I’m actively engaged in anti-racism work within my personal life, social network and internally. With the commitment to dismantle my own inbuilt white supremacy and acknowledge my white privilege, and use my learnings to intellectually confront racism. From a young child I was angry at the injustice of racism, I tried to be active in confronting it, often fearful and thought I was practising anti-racism. I was brought up to accept and be kind to everyone, to stand up to racism but also not to acknowledge race or differences. I now know this is ‘colour blindness’ and ultimately very damaging.

After unpacking and unpicking myself with this work this year, I can see so many elements that need constant work and awareness in myself and society to prevent further danger. I believe this work is an integral part of the progression of humanity for equality, justice and balance world over. 

Here are some anti-racism resources that I have found useful. I’ll be adding to this list as I continue to explore more. I have included some books relating to intersectional feminism, how feminism needs to be accessible and inclusive of everyone and how white feminism has often held the patriarch in place when relating to race. I practice and work with NVC (Non Violent Communication) and have included some interesting resources and teachers who discuss the pitfalls of this method for people of colour, and how we can work towards making it more accessible and inclusive for all.

I’ve tried to add buying links that either help benefit the writer, donate funds to literacy programs, provide second hand options or provide low costs and free delivery, as opposed to supporting bigger corporations.

Artwork By Ekaterina Ponomareva