Welcome, my name is Charlotte Boyd. I created Firm Feet® in 2015 to offer heart centred practices to help balance everyday mental wellbeing, using sound and movement. I am keen to use my knowledge and experiences as a way of helping others. You can read more about me in my story

Read on and find out about my Firm Feet® offerings. 

SOUND Many people come for 1:1 Sound Healing Treatments (online and in person) to work on specific issues, to reduce anxiety and stress levels, improve sleep, to ease physical pain and to work on emotional issues. Sound Healing can calm the nervous system, improve memory and lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Sound Healing can also be effective to regain clarity and confidence, boost mood and to help find more flow in life. Working with sound regularly can help maintain and support balanced mental wellbeing. I am a Sound Healing Practitioner certified by the College of Sound Healing.

Your sessions are sublime. My body is smiling. 

MOVEMENT The popular ‘Dance in the dark’ is a movement meditation to help you drop from your busy thinking mind and into your body. We dance with as little light as possible with eyes closed or lowered. This practice can support a deeper connection with yourself, emotional and physical release and a sense of liberation. The session comprises of a warm up, free movement, sound healing, deep listening and closing meditation. The setlist changes each session and is full of lively music from all over the world, energetic electronic music, rare house, deep ambient and soothing sounds. 

I now offer an affordable and accessible audio online platform and deliver a new Dance in the dark session every week. Members can practice whenever they want, in their own time and have access to previous sessions. You can also choose the dance as you go option and try a session without any commitments. Heres a free taster session.

“Deep, invigorating, adventurous, experimental, healing and inspiring.