1:1 Sound & Voice healing treatment

About the treatment

A 1:1 tailored sound massage, using instruments and voice over your body. C & G Biosonic tuning forks are also used in this session to clear & balance your energy field along with shruti box and koshi. Basic Sound Healing, Sa Re Ga Indian Scale, Musical Interval, Drone, Chakra Balancing are typical treatments.

What are the benefits?

Sound healing relieve blockages and stagnation, lower stress, improve food, improve sleep and balance the chakra system. The experience and result is very restorative, deeply rejuvenating and participants have described the sound healing as ‘Dreamlike’, ‘Peaceful’ and ‘Like going back to the womb.”

Cost £65 per 90 minute session

Indian Head Massage

An Ayurvedic technique involving work on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face.

About the treatment

Indian head massage can help detoxify the body and reduce stress and fatigue by stimulating lymphatic drainage. Head massage originated as part of the ancient Indian practice of medicine, called Ayurveda, based on balancing the body, mind and spirit to promote a long life. This treatment takes place sitting on chair with cushions. You can be fully clothed or have shoulders and neck exposed.

What are the benefits?

A variety of massage movements are used to relieve tension, stimulate circulation and restore joint movement. It can also help to increase mental clarity, release emotional stress and to relax & rejuvenate. It opens the body to deeper relaxation, allowing for a deeper more peaceful sleep. It helps reduce stress, fatigue, eyestrain and increase mental clarity. While the treatment is just on the upper part of the body, it’s effects are felt throughout the whole body and mind. It can also aid the condition and health of the hair, particularly when it is combined with the use of organic oils. 

Cost £40 per 45 minute session

Replenish – Holistic self development 

I offer 1:1 holistic self development and body awareness sessions, drawing on my qualifications in Macrobiotics and Traditional Chinese Medicine healing  system, movement and integral thinking. We will weave in simple approaches to your routine to have a positive outcome for your body and mind.

We will take a deeper look at your lifestyle, emotional, dietary and behavioural patterns, questioning what is serving you and what is preventing you from sustaining overall physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

What are the benefits?

  • Boost your mood
  • Transform your relationship with food
  • Nurture your relationship with your body
  • Empower you to sustain overall wellbeing
  • Stabilise emotional, mental and physical health
  • Release stagnation in the mind and body
  • Body positivity and sustained balance
  • Work on chronic or ongoing physical imbalances

Cost £75 first session (90 minutes)  – £40 for follow up (1 hour)

A sacred space for you 

Indian head massage + Sound healing 1:1 session

About the treatment:  A wonderful combination to aid you to drop a little deeper into your body. Deeply relaxing and awakening journey. Start with an invigorating full Indian head massage followed by a sound bath just for you and your needs.  An empowering space for you to let go, receive while working with intention on areas of stagnation in your body, mind and life. Sink in and receive.

Please contact me for more information and booking. If you are receiving low income and you are drawn to this work but can’t afford it please don’t hesitate to contact me.