Emotional Release is a powerful and intimate one-to-one session can be taken online or in person and has been created to offer you support in releasing stuck or stagnant emotions. We identify the emotion through dialogue, explore the feelings and needs through movement and use sound to help release and soften any physical or emotional pain that comes from this issue. 

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The Find Your Voice course is way of embodying, healing, connecting and releasing your voice. The course is an 8 hour one-to-one course spread over 4 weeks, designed to empower you to find freedom in your voice. Gain confidence professionally, in relationships and creatively. Having the ability to express yourself with clarity, state boundaries and connect with your voice therapeutically for yourself, family and friends. We will work deeply with your body connection, throat chakra, opening your heart and softening the solar plexus. Aligning with your whole body, voice, feelings and needs. 

2 hours every week for 4 weeks £500 In person/Online

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Body Connection is a one-to-one session to help identify areas in your life where you feel disconnected with yourself and your body. The intention is to build connection and find liberation in movement, stillness and dialogue. I use a variety of movement and meditation techniques to help you re-connect with yourself. 

In person/Online Book here 60 minutes £60

Firm Feet Dance in the dark® Private Group bookings – sliding scale. 

A gently guided space to be free in movement. In an intimately lit space there is little visual stimulation, this allows us to drop deeper into an active meditation. Finding our natural rhythm, calming and letting go of the mind. Dancing is scientifically proven to raise endorphins and serotonin which can boost your overall happiness and balance everyday mental health and stress levels. People often come away feeling reformed, refreshed, with a sense of liberation, purpose and self empowerment.

WHAT HAPPENS IN A SESSION? A 90 minute session is compiled of 4 stages: 

  • Guided warm up and intention setting
  • Free flow dance
  • Soothing sound healing in stillness.
  • Grounding meditation, poetry and contemplation.


Dance and therapeutic movement has been used for centuries all over the world, as a way to connect, celebrate, release and feel. Many forms of dance in ritual and celebration have their origins in the African diaspora which spread to Latin America, Asia and Europe. The druids of Celtic tribes also used moving in this way for ceremony and ancient traditions which is depicted in mythology and folklore. Dance meditation can be cathartic and help build self awareness and growth. In my work I aim to honour and celebrate the influences and lineage that these practices and music come from. 


If you find seated meditation challenging, movement meditation could be for you. Equally if you are unable to move freely, these sessions can be done seated or standing. 

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