Firm Feet’s Dance in the dark® sessions can be a part of your regular meditation, dance or bodywork practice. There is nothing to learn or follow, it is simply a space to be, a place to dance without judgement. Nobody is watching you. The sessions are set in a warm, lowly-lit, atmospheric and calming environment. You are invited to move in your own space, barefoot, with closed or lowered eyes. In darkness, there is no visual stimulation, which allows us to drop deeper into meditation, finding our natural rhythm, calming and letting go of the mind.


As we work on our bodies we are able to focus on a balanced mental and physical well being. Movement is a crucial stage of healing and personal development. People often come away feeling reformed, with a sense of liberation, purpose and self empowerment. Firm Feet® sessions focus on the self, going inward, enquiring inside and are considered a movement or active meditation. Moving your mind and body can help you reset, refocus and recharge. Dancing is scientifically proven to raise endorphins and serotonin which can boost your overall happiness and balance everyday mental health and stress levels. Dance strengthens the body, is a great low cardiovascular exercise, enhances balance, flexibility and agility and can even improve sleep.


Each session will feature a carefully selected playlist. The movement can enable you to release stagnation, catharsis and create freedom of the body and mind. Focusing on deep electronic, experimental, drumming, ambient and uplifting music from every corner of the globe. You can reach exhilarating and euphoric highs through music, breath and your body.


Dancing in low lighting and a meditative space. Invigorating music. Barefeet. Silent dancing. Time for yourself.

AM MINDFUL MOVEMENT – An uplifting and invigorating dance in natural light to boost your day. You can close your eyes to go further inside.

PM DANCE IN THE DARK – during these popular sessions, we dance with as little light as possible, to drop deeply into meditation.

LITTLE FEET – For parents and little people up to 6 years old. Drop in. Pay as you feel.

Recommended £5 One adult + one child. Wednesday’s 10am at The Hall, E20 1FS

Warm Up. Dance. Cool Down. Be still (wriggling is allowed).
Reconnect. Pay as you feel.

Sorry you’ll find no nursery rhymes here. Be in your flow with some mindful movement. These sessions are designed for everyone in mind. Be in the chaos and the stillness.
It’s very invigorating, calming and a lot of fun. Nothing to learn, no steps to follow. You may be surprised how much your children will zone out to the power of meditative soothing sounds .

Warning: there may be babies and very good music.
All sessions are approximately 60-75 minutes.

TINY FEET – For pregnant mum’s and new borns up to 9 months.



SHARE – Peer support group for eating disorders, body images issues and body dysmorphia.

Wednesday 30th October 5-7pm

Leyton Library, The Lighthouse Room

These sessions are about trust, support, sharing and mutual learning. The intention of the group is not to give advice or to counsel but to listen, learn and provide a sounding board.


Thursday 14th November 7-9pm

Dance in the dark 

The Psychedlic Society, 8 Mackintosh Lane, E9 6AB

Waltham Forest Conscious Care Community 

Dance in the dark

Every Wednesday 1.30pm at Walthamstow Scout Hut, Wood Street.

No charge. Drop in.

Little Feet will be back at The Hall in 2020

Everyone welcome Parents/Carers with child up to 6 years old

No experience Needed

Drop In £5 adult + 1 child

This is a movement mediation. The space is for everyone.

You’ll find no nursery rhymes here. Be in your flow with some mindful movement. These sessions are designed for everyone in mind. Be in the chaos and the stillness. It’s very invigorating, calming and a lot of fun. You may be surprised how much you children will zone out to the power of sound. Pay as you feel.

Warning: there may be babies and very good music.

The Hall, 2 Victory Parade, East Village, E20 1FS


Women’s Worth Workshops, Cork Ireland

Breaking Convention 2017 Psychedelic Conference

Saha Roots Retreats, Aljezur, Portugal – Yoga, Movement & Wholefoods

Green Lens Studios. Centre17. Chat’s Palace. Jackson’s Lane, Sadhana Yoga, Paper Dress Yoga. Discobarre studio. Lifespace. Time to change campaign. Gnome House. The Hall.


Are you having a hard time finding balance in your life? Do you suffer from body image or dysmorphia issues? Eating distress and eating disorders? Ongoing health issues? Do you want to boost your mood and find a better way of living? Or do you simply want to have a better relationship with your body and crave balance?

I offer one to one body awareness coaching sessions, drawing on my own life experiences and qualifications in traditional healing systems, movement and integral thinking.

We will weave in simple approaches to your routine, that can have a really positive outcome on nurturing your relationship with your body and mind. We will enquire into your bodies needs and look at ways of creating balance. Observing how you can communicate with yourself in a positive way and releasing negative thought patterns.

During the first coaching session, we will work together discussing your lifestyle, emotional, dietary and behavioural patterns. We will take a deeper look at how they are integrated, questioning what is serving you and what is preventing you from sustaining overall well being.

My sessions have helped clients achieve the following:

  • Sustain overall wellbeing
  • Transform your relationship with yourself and your body
  • Stabilise emotional, mental and physical health
  • Release stagnation in the mind and body
  • Body positivity and sustained balance

Complimentary 30 minute phone call – An informal chat to discuss your intention and how we could work together in a unique way that suits you.

Please contact me for more information.



I am keen to use my knowledge and experiences as a way of helping others. After years of eating distress/disorders, body image issues and a disconnect from my body, I was experiencing regular migraines and chronic health issues. This was a wake up and I began to enquire deeper into myself. I experimented with alternative practices, herbal and plant medicines. I have a particular interest in using movement to stabilise everyday mental health. I started to understand myself better with the learning of Macrobiotic healing arts: a blend of Taoist methodology, Traditional Chinese medicine healing system and cooking in rhythm with your body. Movement, self expression and creativity became integral for me. With an overall practice of eating in season and according to my body’s needs, I became more in tune with myself and my environment. I started listening to my body, expressing myself more with music, meditation and dance. My body became more balanced, my mind calmer and my physical issues began to shift and change and slowly disperse.

I run Firm Feet® where I facilitate Dance in the dark, movement meditation sessions at various venues around London including The Psychedlic Society, Yonder, Paper Dress Yoga, Sadhana Yoga and The Hall. I hold one to one coaching sessions on  on I co-run Women’s workshops where we integrate storytelling, movement, yoga, dance, ceramics and whole food nutrition retreats in Ireland and Portugal.

I am a singer and songwriter working on a few projects and in a duo, called HAMARTIA (listen to us on Spotify if you like). I have trained in Organic Horticulture and gardening. I have worked in various community and environmental projects in and around London.



EAD™ teacher training.  


Do-in Exercise of Physical & spiritual development


Women’s Worth & Saha Roots – Storytelling, Yin Yoga, Movement, ceramics & whole food retreat and workshop facilitation.



Macrobiotic Coach. Levels 1, 2 & 3 . Oriental diagnosis, Eastern philosophy, healing & cooking, the classical meridian system, coaching & counselling skills.


City & Guilds Work Based Organic Horticulture.



London Ievolve & foundation Course.  Nutrition, bodywork practices, communication and self-expression



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